Saturday, March 03, 2007

Danish rioting

The first few news reports I saw of this hinted strongly at Muslim involvement. "Hinted", because by now I'm used to having to read between the lines--"multi-ethnic", "youths", etc.--to tease out the gist that good-thinking journalists would rather bury.

But this seems to be hippies rather than jihadists. The name Christiania is the clue. This neighborhood's reputation preceeds it.

For Scandinavians who can't swing a trip to Cuba, the next best thing--and right in their own neighborhood, too--is a little corner of Copenhagen known as Christiania. [...] Founded in 1971 by hippies, artists, and activists on a site newly vacacted by the Danish army, Christiania is the permanent address of approximately one thousand people who don't pay Danish taxes but whose communal expenses are covered by Danish taxpayers and whose security needs are attended to by the Danish police. [...] In short, Christiania is the quintessence of European socialism at its most puerile: just as the Continent's elite routinely mocks and insults its long-time guardian, the United States, so the spoiled brats of Christiania mock and insult their protector, the government of Denmark. In true Sixties-anarchist fashion, they think of themselves as rebels against the state when in fact they're its wards.
-- Bruce Bawer, While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within, 2006

Christiania is a uniquely European place. But like so much else in today's Europe--especially on today's European left--it reeks of American influence. It's what Woodstock would have become if everybody had stayed.
-- ibid

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