Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church

I've decided that him being a Mormon is not a very high hurdle for me, in case I decide to vote for him. For one thing, the Mormon faith is 100% American. It's nothing I would care to bring into my own home, or wish upon my own children. The whole thing is a pretty transparent humbug, theologically and historically. Yet, "the tree is known by its fruit"; and the Mormon faith is mostly a plus for America, in recent decades, at least. I frequently encounter pairs of young “elders”, biking around on their missions. (I politely shoo them off when they stop by my home, though.) To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, it neither picks my pocket nor bombs my bus.

Now, you'll know that the election coverage has hit a new low when someone in a presidential debate asks Romney about his secret underwear.

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