Thursday, January 05, 2006

Interview With The "Darwinist"

Here's an interview with philosopher Daniel Dennett in Der Spiegel. This is the same Daniel Dennett whom the First Things editors Jody Bottum and Richard John Neuhaus have been inveighing against. This is the first thing I've read by him, and he does seem to be quite the reductionist. He's spot-on about the self-contradictory claims of Intelligent Design, though. How can they accept the idea of DNA while rejecting evolution? Oh, that's right--the X factor in all ID hypothesizing is "...then a miracle happens."

Update: For some reason, I'm getting a lot of visits from people surfing in by way of searches for this Spiegel interview. Funny thing is, the search term is not "Dennett" or anything, but is instead the full address of the online interview. Strange...

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  1. Personally I had always thought of DD as a philosopher of mind rather than a "Darwinian". So it's disappointing to find an avowedly Catholic blogger, (viz The Sanity Inspector in Atlanta Rofters), confessing to prior ignorance of Dennett. I mean Catholicism is all about soul-mind-call-it-what-you-will isn't it? So you would expect a someone with such an interest in these matters to be familiar with the major participants in the debate. But no, Dennett (who, poor man, gets lumped in with Desmond Morris) is written off as "froth tossing about on the surface of a vast, bottomless sea, just like the rest of us, and nothing [he] can postulate will make a dent in a mature armor of faith." This sort of 'take my bat and go home' attitude really does annoy. Intellectually one can dismiss it of course. But the sociological entrenchment of the Church means that humankind will suffer further centuries of Faith inspired confusion, not to say misery and more, before good sense prevails.

  2. See my reply at your blog, Charlie; and thanks for the visit.


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