Wednesday, January 18, 2006

In Which I Land a Turn in the Spotlight and Score My Biggest Blogging Success to Date.

My traffic is much more spiky than steady. Not that I'm complaining; I understand that, if you want to lay claim to people's attention, you've got to earn it. When your traffic is as low as mine, most of the enjoyment of blogging will have to come from simply seeing yourself in print. I actually spend most of my blog time in the comments section at other blogs--that way I know at least one other person will be reading my gems! I do enjoy having visitors here though, and have enjoyed getting acquainted with the repeat commenters.

I conceived this blog in a fairly narrowly defined way: a running commentary on thought-provoking articles from the journal First Things, in a slightly more light-hearted manner than might be commonly found. I've since been finding myself drifting into a little media criticism, a little citizen journalism, a little standard punditry, not much in the way of diary. (Except for these little endzone dances of yours. --Ed.) I enjoyed high traffic days with this vodka-lanche and this panda-lanche. Now, I've gotten my highest traffic spate yet, for this bit of satire.

It started out as a lizard-lanche. Just a link buried in the comments, albeit with a catchy headline, drew hundreds of my fellow lizardoids to visit. Unlike past posts though, this time I aggressively shopped my brainchild around the 'sphere, mailing it to some favorite bloggers, and just posting it in comment threads here and there. I got a Simberg-lanche, a Sanity-lanche (no relation), even a Snoopy-lanche. Traffic's been streaming in, and now I'm even Flavor Of The Day over at John Hawkins' RightWingNews!

Well, welcome everyone. Like the button up there says, enjoy your visit.

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