Saturday, December 17, 2005

Traffic, Yes We Get Traffic...


I know, I know; I should be cool and act like I've been in the endzone before. But just have a look at the spike that a link from The Panda's Thumb can cause in a low traffic blog like mine. ("I'm a Rascally Radiolarian in the Blogosphere Ecosystem!") It's not as high or long-tailed as my Vodka-lanche last month, but I'll take it!

Most of the traffic came from this post, although Red State Rabble , The Commissar, and The Uncredible Hallq sent a goodly load of visitors my way, too. A good thing, too; since Technorati wouldn't pick up my blinker-blankin' pings until twelve hours after I posted.

Okay, that's enough preening; now back to the putative theme of this blog...

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