Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cobb Evolution Stickers Back In Court, Part II

The local newspaper has an original content story on the run-up to tomorrow's 11th Circuit court showdown. In it, the Cobb School Board lawyer says that Cobb will probably not pursue this issue further if they lose here. The sticker opponents are reported as saying that they will definitely go on to the Supreme Court if the 11th Circuit Court reverses the lower court.

I've been beating the bushes for the past day and a half, trying to hook up with someone who will be attending, but so far no luck. Keep your eye on Georgia Citizens for Integrity in Science Education, though. No one seems to be minding the store there, most days. But they may have something scoopy to report as things develop.

UPDATE: The Panda's Thumb gives it to the Discovery Institute hot and strong over DI's spinning of the case.

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