Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cobb Evolution Stickers Court Case

Hurray! I will be able to attend the hearing tomorrow! It's at 9:00am Thursday morning, in the Tuttle U.S. Court of Appeals building, 56th Forsyth Street, Atlanta. Let me draw you a map. I'll try to post something very soon afterwards. I can't live-blog it, as I'm not mobile. Also, I unfortunately do not have a lot of pertinent knowledge to bring to the case. But, I'll post some impressions very soon afterwards, maybe even an informed opinion, or at least a bit of choice snark.

By way of background: This post refers to a case between the Cobb Co. GA school board and the ACLU, over creeping creationism in the schools. Cobb put warning labels in its science textbooks, admonishing students that evolution is "a theory, not fact". A lower court ordered the stickers removed, on the grounds that they were an encroachment of religion into the classroom. The school board appealed, and so here they are.

This is not the more prominent "intelligent design" case, in Dover, PA. Check in regularly at The Panda's Thumb for the best coverage on that one.

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