Sunday, December 04, 2005

CBS TV movie on John Paul II, featuring Jon Voigt

I won't be watching it, as I don't trust CBS to get it right. Not after that hatchet job about Ronald Reagan they tried to foist on us. If you're so inclined, go read George Weigel's monumental biography of the late pontiff, instead.


  1. You should have watched. Be sure to catch the second half! This was a labor of love, co-produced by Lux Vide, which is an Opus Dei-connected production company. Many people involved, like the musical score composer, were friends with John Paul II. There are so many beautiful nuances, like the addition of some Theology of the Body, and the re-creation of numerous photographs you and I know so well.... You will be moved to tears, I guarantee, after seeing the film. It's certainly the best thing CBS has aired...ever. Pope Benedict even watched it on November 17, with 7,000 others, at the Vatican. He wholeheartedly endorsed it.

  2. So I gathered, checking technorati's round-up of reactions. Thanks for the feedback!


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