Wednesday, December 28, 2005

When You Are Morally Superior, Everything You Do Is Right By Definition

Here's a TV news story about the Interfaith Alliance in Boise, Idaho opening a homeless shelter. Only they've run into a snag, in that apparently they never bothered to get a zoning permit. The IA is quoted as giving an excuse about not being able to get a temporary permit because of the holiday. Yeah, and what about however many months before that, that the shelter was in the planning stages? Couldn't make the time to render unto Caesar?

All those fatcat, worldly, Pharisaic business owners who are nonplussed about the prospect of vandalism, public drunkeness, and etc. ruining their businesses are airily dismissed by the Interfaith Alliance:
"If there were problems with people sleeping in their hedges before, they'd much rather sleep here than in their hedges,"

Thanks to the well-documented magnet effect--the more you subsidize something, whether it be corn, wheat, homelessness, or out-of-wedlock babies, the more of it you get--the poor citizens in that section of town might wind up with people sleeping in both places. But, since society's foes are liberals' mascots, why should the IA care? Ruining a neighborhood for the sake of one's progressive feel-good do-gooderism, and thumbing your nose at the law while you do it, is no more than sinful bourgeois society deserves.

Something's wrong when you can smell liberal sanctimoniousness from across a whole continent.

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