Saturday, December 03, 2005

Jesus Junk

Jonathan Last:

The Internet is filled with stores and businesses designed to siphon money from the faithful. There’s and the Discount Catholic Store and Catholic Supply (your source for GiggleWings® guardian angel dolls). Protestants have an array of shopping options, too. From Biblical Expressions to , every conceivable bit of religious schmaltz is available online for immediate shipping. At you can find a 24-carat-gold cross with a vial of water from the Jordan River. At Abbey Trade you can get “Blessings in a Bottle”—small inspirational messages stored in decorative bottles. At the Heavenly Hut you can buy Christian nightlights. (company motto: “Innovation That Inspires”) offers Jesus poker chips—because “Jesus went all in for you!”

Quite. The Christian talk-radio station in my area runs such dishonest advertisements--herbal potions, get rich quick home businesses, and etc.--that I consciously did not donate hurricane relief money through a charity advertised on their station. I couldn't be sure it wasn't a scam, which is an awful thing to say about a Christian enterprise.

But it's nothing new, of course. Doesn't mean I have to like it, though.

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