Monday, April 10, 2006

In Which I Come To The Notice Of An Opinion Journal Columnist

Reason columnist Cathy Young mentions my Pianka Affair retraction at her blog, and implies that I'm letting him off too easily. Well whatever, at this point. Even if Dr. Pianka's talk really was what Mr. Mims represented it to be, I still wrote more than I could back up at that time. I got the word originally from the Acton Institute, which is surely one of the soberer websites out there. Had I seen this first at the abode of we conservative bloggers' dread sovereign, the Emperor Darth Misha, then of course some yellow flags would have gone up.

I hope I have an opportunity to recycle that Mencken quote I used, as well as the Coleridge. But I'll leave this kerfluffle to the real citizen journalists from here on.

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