Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Iran: The Gathering Storm...

...or the stormy gathering, or something like that.

Clayton Cramer ticks off a list of melancholy likelihoods here.

Jeff Goldstein poo-poos the poo-pooers here.

I get dismissed as an alarmist tool here and here.

And my current mood is Threat--Elevated.

Have a Henry James quote:

Black and hideous to me, the tragedy that gathers and I'm sick beyond cure to have lived on to see it. You and I, the ornaments of our generation should have been spared this wreck of our belief that through the long years we have seen civilization grow and the worst become impossible. The tide that bore us along was then all the while moving to this Niagara--yet what a blessing we didn't know it. It seems to me to undo everything, everything that was ours, in the most horrible retroactive way--but I avert my face from the monstrous scene.
-- Henry James, letter to Rhoda Broughton, Aug. 8, 1914

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