Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Scene From The Jihad, VII

RPG rockets streaked over his head and bullets cracked all around him as Petithory used his laser range finder and GPS to target the Taliban 4x4s.

Dust rose on the horizon as the remaining Taliban picked up the pace. Master Sergeant Davis had already nailed the lead portions of the Taliban columns, creating chaos as the Taliban tried to deploy its forces over the sides to surround the village. As the Taliban was finally stalled, with its lead echelon burning and dozens of wounded terrorists writhing in pain and covered in blood, Sergeant First Class Petithory went to work eating up those who paused in the open.

This was a target-rich environment, which meant they would have no problem using lots of ammo and making it count. SFC Mike McElhiney, the team's weapons sergeant, looked over at Yoshita and his buddies and smiled. He stared back at the burning Taliban column and, in his Dirty Harry voice, said through clenched teeth, "How do you like New York now, motherfuckers?"

-- Robin Moore, The Hunt for Bin Laden: Task Force Dagger,

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