Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ayaan Ali Hirsi Lauds The West At Harvard

This just might be the most significant speech made at Harvard since Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's in 1978. It must've made the multi-culti diversicrats cringe in their seats, listening to this Somali-Dutch heroine running down their sainted Third World.

Muslim countries misunderstood Islam. In our countries, government terrorized you. Here, government served the people. Governments did nasty things to you, they terrorized you, they took your money. In the West, they did things like take your garbage away. It was unthinkable.

The West appealed to my reason. I thought it was fascinating what humanity could accomplish. A good number of students who went through the refugee camp with me and then came to the West saw something else. The same things that fascinated me, infuriated them. They saw the West as an enemy of Islam.

I thought to myself, these people (westerners) are the enemies of God? These people are in trouble with God, but they are doing things better than you? That became a curiosity for me. Who would believe these people are in trouble with God? I became more curious.

Good thing Edward Said isn't alive to hear this. He'd just die! Let's hope that there are still people at Harvard hearing this who take the side of the West, instead of people floundering in progressive po-mo goo. Can we *ever* expect there to come an eventuality where these Speakers of Truth to Power will turn from fair weather foes into foul weather friends? Or do they intend to float above their compatriots on the higher moral plane, forever and ever and ever, or until the jihadis cut them down?

Ms. Hirsi also gave a nice photographic surprise to Charles Johnson in that post.
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