Thursday, May 11, 2006

More Beatles Bloggage

I usually don't have much use for covers of Beatles tunes. However, while nosing around on Wal-Mart (shaddap!), I found a version of "It's All Too Much", by a Seattle band call Just Plain Bill. I don't know anything about them other than that, but I like this cut! The original, a Harrison composition, is a wild, acid-aided shout of joy for being part of The Infinite. This cover version is more of a loping, stoner take on the same sentiment. There's no fiery guitar work; instead the song is built on a thick carpet of...well, I guess you'd call them Beatleisms, sonic effects grabbed from a lot of different Beatles songs and re-woven into new material. I don't mean that it's cobbled together out of a bunch of samples; I mean the band recreated a Beatly tone. The organ-sounding flanged guitar, the sitar, the backward loops, they're all here, confected into something quite new.

It was worth eighty-eight cents, I'll tell you...


  1. I will have to check that cover tune out sometime. One of my fav. Beatles songs.

  2. It's All Too Much has also been covered, very satisfyingly to us, by Steve Hillage on the 'L' album, produced by Todd Rundgren.

    And speaking of Beatles, we are celebrating Revolver's 40th with a new collage called Everything Was Right which we hope you like. Listen/Download:



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