Monday, May 29, 2006

More Memorial Day Photos

Have some of these, from last December. They are halfway down, after the Veteran's Day parade shots, and before the Korean dance troupe pictures.

Hope you had a good holiday. My small children are finally big enough to be good playmates with their older cousins. It was quite a raucous time, with all of them careening through the old homestead. Reminded me of similar fun, when I was a similar age...

And thanks and blessings on all our military & their families. There is no shortage of great Memorial Day bloggage out there, especially on the milblogs. But probably the most unexpected tribute may be found here, at the news satire site Scrappleface, of all places. It's so incongruous that proprietor Scott Ott tells us straight out, this isn't satire. It is a gem, though.


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