Monday, June 28, 2010

I like Listverse!

There are innumerable websites out there devoted to top 10 lists of one sort or another. But Listverse, which I discovered via StumbleUpon, seems to be the most "human" of the ones I've encountered so far. Most others I've seen are repackaged from other sites, or seem artificial in some other way. But Listverse is run by a real person in New Zealand, name of Jamie Frater.

All of which is a lead up to presenting a couple of list I submitted which were used on the site: 10 Notable Apologies From The Past Decade and 10 Generals Who Got In Trouble With Their Chiefs. A third list I submitted was poorly conceived and not used, no loss. I'm working on three other lists now, and hope to whip them into submittable shape in a few weeks. This is fun!

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