Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pigs fly, the underworld freezes, and...

...Dhimmi U. acts against the formerly untouchable Muslim Student Union. For years, the MSU has freely romped all over that campus, engaging in recreational disruption and threats against non-Muslims, especially Jews. But it seems that even the granola gobbling multi-cultists running the University of California-Irvine have had enough now.

In making the suspension recommendation, Lisa Cornish, UC Irvine's director of student housing, found that the Muslim Student Union had "planned, orchestrated and coordinated in advance" an effort to disrupt a speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren on Feb. 8 about U.S.-Israeli relations. The recommendation was made in late May but not made public at that time.

Oren was shouted down repeatedly by Muslim students who stood up and delivered statements such as "Michael Oren, propagating murder is not an expression of free speech." Supporters cheered as the students were escorted away by police, and each time Oren attempted to resume his speech, another student jumped up with another outburst.

Eleven UC Irvine and UC Riverside students were arrested and cited for disturbing a public event, but none have been criminally charged. The Muslim Student Union claimed the disruptions were caused by individuals and were not organized by their group.


Isaac Yerushalmi, former president of Anteaters for Israel, which sponsored Oren's appearance in February, said the Muslim Student Union has been "involved in repeated attempts to silence Jewish voices on campus."

And irony fail:

[Reem Salahi, the students' attorney] said she worried the recommendation could jeopardize Muslim life on campus. Victor Sanchez, president of the systemwide UC Student Assn., said he was outraged. "It's almost impossible not to interpret this as a means of the university to silence dissent," he said.

Remember, class: The West "invades". Islam "spreads". Many if not most Muslim immigrants come here for a better life, and to get away from both the government oppression and the fundamentalist crazies that bedevil their homelands. It's not so different a story from that of innumerable earlier waves of immigration. But their children? The tenured radicals are teaching the Muslim kids to despise America and her works, same as they're teaching our children. But in the Muslim case, there's an alternative to the standard leftist bullet points the faculty pushes. There's the dream of a resurgent caliphate and sharia law, imposed on believer and infidel alike. The wreckage wrought by the Destructive Generation can often be repaired merely by prolonged exposure to the real world, and enough 1040s under one's belt. But when The West Is Evil And Must Be Smashed is proclaimed by your college education and your ancestral faith, then hmmm...???

Harrumphs of approval here and here and of course here.

Thus far, and no farther.

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