Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A list of YouTube firsts

Here's the list I submitted to Listverse, which was not used. Someone may find it interesting anyway, so here it is.

Roundhay Garden Scene: The world's earliest surviving motion-picture film, from 1888. It was directed by inventor Louis Le Prince, and was recorded at 12 frames per second.

The earliest known footage of a live Genesis concert, from The Piper Club, Rome, 18 April 1972.

This is the oldest known footage of a Pope in existence. This film of Pope Leo XIII was created in 1896. The audio portion is the oldest known audio recording of Pope, also of Pope Leo XIII recorded in 1903. The audio is Pope Leo XIII chanting the Ave Maria in Latin.

The 30-second live-action introduction to this Betty Boop cartoon, filmed in 1932, is the earliest known footage of Cab Calloway.

Australia's earliest surviving film -- an 1896 movie known as "Patineur Grotesque" or "Humorous Rollerskater", features a clown on skates.

The earliest known recorded vocal performance of Spanish Catalan operatic soprano Victoria de los √Āngeles was privately recorded in 1942.

This, the oldest surviving color videotape footage, from 1958, features an address by President Dwight Eisenhower.

This 1970 clip of “Border Song” is supposed to be the earliest surviving film of a performance by Elton John.

This game of footie is the earliest footage in existence of a Merseyside derby. The game took place on 27th September 1902 at Goodison Park with Everton winning Liverpool 3-1.

This Muay Thai boxing footage is claimed to be the oldest such still extant. Although it’s supposed to be from the 1920s, it has a narrator and a music track, so eh??? Possibly a ringer, but still plenty old.

The oldest film of the Madina Sharif, the Mosque of the Prophet, in Medina, 1938.

One of a collection of business comedy shorts from 1990; they are supposed to be the earliest performance clips of a then-unknown Stephen Colbert.

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