Thursday, June 10, 2010

Roundup of Helen Thomas fallout...

Comedy first:
"Everyone with a cell phone thinks they're a photographer. Everyone with a laptop thinks they're a journalist. But they have no training and they have no idea of what we keep to in terms of standards."

More than 25 thousand hate emails have been sent--to the rabbi who busted her.
"These are people that feel very mainstream about anti-Semitism and hate. They feel so proud of it. There is an arrogance about it. There is no shame," Nesenoff said.

An aspiring pundit you've never heard of, who is also a self-described non-observant Jew, uses the kerfluffle for a little self-promotion.

For some, the outragey part of the outrage was the outrage displayed by those outraged by Thomas' comments. Shorter: libs are never very comfortable when the peasants answer back, and often warn of a chilling of free speech, when it happens. Kim Priestap over at Wizbangblog parses one such instance.

What to do with the Helen Thomas Award For Lifetime Achievement? The question awaits the photoshop muse of serr8d or Darleen Click.

Liberal and progressive defenders of Thomas complained that she was taken out of context. Well, imagine this scene: A parcel of land is bought by, say, Wal-Mart. It is graded and prepped for the construction of a store. But, homeless people move in and set up a squatters' camp on the construction site. In the ensuing legal set-to, guess which side the libs & proggs would take, the self-same libs & proggs who want to kick the Jews--oops, the settlers--out of Israel altogether?

Thomas has been a long time hard lefty pretending to be an objective journalist. Throughout the Bush administration, it was hard to tell if Thomas was a White House correspondent or a reporter working for Al Jazeera. Now that she has put herself out to pasture, she can spend her time going to all those far left rallies where she can support illegal immigration, socialism and support Hamas all day long.

Don’t let the door catch your tail on the way out Helen!

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