Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Indonesian religious turmoil

This past weekend has been awful for religious liberty in Indonesia, not that it was ever any great shakes in the first place. Over the weekend, a home of minority Ahmadiyya sect Muslims was attacked by majority orthodox Muslims, and three people were beaten to death. (The gruesome video is out there, but it won't go up here.) And then just days later, a mob torched a Christian church. Seems a fellow was convicted for anti-Islamic blasphemy, but was only given five years instead of life. This so outraged the followers of the One True Faith that they brawled with court officers, and then set fire to the church.

Interestingly, Huffington Post is not covering this. NPR has a couple of stories up, but they are buried, only accessible via a keyword search, & hence have no comments on them as of this writing.

We ultimately have Saudi Arabia to thank for this. Indonesia's Muslims used to be a fairly mellow community, so I've read. But the harsh Wahabhist doctrines spread by the Saudi-funded madrassas all over the world have been poisoning people's hearts for the past few decades. Now look at this mess. "The tree is known by its fruit."