Friday, February 04, 2011

An overlooked Obama achievement

You know that wall of text making the rounds, touting Obama's achievements, in answer to conservatives who claim he hasn't done anything? One accomplishment of Obama's that doesn't appear on it is this: Back last summer he signed legislation protecting Americans against "libel tourism".

Libel tourism was most famously used by a Saudi moneybags, who objected to an American writer exposing his funding of terrorist front groups. He successfully sued her in not in American courts, but in British courts, where 20 of her books had been sold by mail order.

So this legislation is welcome, but not so much by the Left, who do not really believe in free speech, nor in the jihadist threat. They bitterly cling to their exploded memes that everyone is the same except for headgear and cuisine, and that everything would be wonderful if they could only kick out and shut up the bad guys and install the good guys--of their choosing, of course.