Monday, February 21, 2011

Two honor killings in two days

Muslims in Pakistan? No, Hindus in Uttar Pradesh.

Finding out that his granddaughter, Malti (19), a resident of Sarojni Naidu Nagar under Bilhaur police station, was planning to elope with a neighbour belonging to another caste, 65-year-old Babulal Kashyap killed her with an axe on Tuesday and kept her body inside the house. Neighbours, who heard Malti’s cries for mercy, informed the police, who recovered the body and arrested Kashyap. An unrepentant Kashyap told media persons: “Nothing is bigger than family honour, therefore I murdered my granddaughter.” [...]
In the other case, a girl was shot dead allegedly by her brother after she disappeared from home for a few days. Meena (18), a resident of Manauri village, went to Allahabad three days ago with a youth and returned on Monday after which her brothers, Satish and Sanju, quizzed her. She was shot dead, allegedly by Sanju, after she failed to give a satisfactory reply, the police said.

Somebody hurry up and invent a Paxil bomb.