Wednesday, February 02, 2011

San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim refuses to say pledge of allegiance

Whatever. At this late date, I'm surprised anyone expects a show of patriotism out of San Franciscans anymore anyway. They have a serious image problem.

But, since I asked me, my opinion is that flipping a bird at a national symbol is easy, safe, and for proggs, fun. It's a childish gesture, from someone who wants dissident status without merit or risk. "Dissent is the highest form of self-congratulation" as the saying ought to go. The mark of the progg is to refuse to find any value in the present. Only the future America of their making is worthy of their support, not the present America in all its sins and graces. Full of adolescent outrage at the world's tardiness in re-arranging itself to their liking, they slap the hand that supports them, and congratulate themselves for doing so.

Now go get those potholes filled, Ms. Kim.