Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Canada Refusing to Offer Asylum to Persecuted Christians?

Whenever you see something like this, it's best to ask if it is a headline in search of a story.

Canadian immigration frequently fails to recognize the claim of refugee status from Egyptian Coptic Christians, reported CTV news yesterday. In at least half the cases, claimants are sent back to Egypt to face increased persecution.

The 2005 Country Report on Human Rights from the U.S. State Department said Egypt is responsible for "numerous human rights abuses," in particular against religious minorities. The report lists numerous cases of "religious discrimination" against Coptic Christians and says there is widespread "torture and abuse" in Egyptian prisons.

Christians who have made refugee claims in the west will almost certainly be imprisoned and possibly tortured if they are sent back to Egypt.

But readiing further, we find:

Since 2000, the Immigration and Refugee Board's records show that about half of the refugee claims of Egyptians were denied. The records don't show how many of those were Christians. Currently there are approximately 20 Egyptian Christians facing deportation from Canada.

Emphasis added.

The lack of religious identification may itself be a sign of creeping dhimmitude, for fear of riling domestic Islamists and multi-cultists. Someone once said that Canada was becoming one big residential motel for Muslim immigrants. But I don't know. It'd be interesting to learn more about how Canada handles these cases, to see how meaningful the statistics in the story are.

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  1. I was not aware of this story, but it does not surprise me. I know from personal experience that a fiar number of Canadians are anti-American and it is not always politically motivated. I sense some envy by some Canadians I have known over many years. I think some Canadians resent being in the shadow of the US both economically and politically. **(Sigh)** there are some good sides to Canada, such as having substantially lower levels of crime rates than here in most areas of the States.


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