Thursday, March 02, 2006

Coptic Christians: The Modern Dhimmis

Are Coptic girls in Egypt being kidnapped to be forcibly converted to Islam? This two part analysis explores the issue. Reading between the lines, it could be more about money than faith, if it is happening at all. Kind of a shadowy set of happenstances...

This, however, is very encouraging. A Muslim professor quits his post at an Egyptian medical university, in protest of discrimination against Copts there.

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  1. about a year ago, published an account given by an Egyptian Muslim male who had personally seduced a number of Coptic women into converting. He talked of the complicity of the police and that he did what he did for payment, provided by clerics tied to Al-Azhar -- the leading theological institute. I think the article was entitled, "confessions of an islamist" but I can't swear to it. If it was an honest account and not a hoax, it is a shocking story.


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