Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Conditioning of Kevin Sites

Spot the liberal conditioning:

From Kevin Sites' Hot Zone blog:
Kevin Sites on camera:
Chechnya has suffered through two major wars in less than a decade — The first: to stop it from seceding from the Russian Federation; the second: under the auspices of combating terrorism. But with 50,000 to 100,000 people killed and the capital city of Grozny left in ruins, it is the civilians here who have taken the worst beating.

Kevin Sites voice-over:
It is nearly perfect in its destruction. A drive through Grozny is like a drive through Dresden after the Second World War.
Emphasis added.

Out of all the horrible destruction of World War II in Europe, he plucks Dresden as the representative example. Not Rotterdam, not London, not Stalingrad, not Warsaw, but Dresden.

How do you figure liberal bias out of that? Well, if you've spent your formative years in J-school, being indoctrinated that America is the root of all evil, you're going to get conditioned--which implies a certain bit of reflexiveness--to see things a certain way. Of that list of horrific destruction, Dresden is the one perpetrated by the Western allies, so America is implicated by association.

Such is the conclusion my conservative inclinations tend to jump to.

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