Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More Child-Molesting Priests...

... in Ireland this time. Looks like they are going way, way back in time for this round-up, though.
Latest figures from Dublin's Catholic archdiocese indicate that 102 priests there have been accused of child sex abuse in the 66-year period between 1940 and 2006. Of that figure, 91 face allegations of child abuse while suspicions of such abuse have been raised in a further 11 cases.

Approximately 350 victims have been identified to date, with indications of a possible further 40 who have yet to be identified or traced.

But so far as taking any action against anyone, they seem to be limiting themselves to the past quarter-century. Richard John Neuhaus has gamely attempted damage control for the Church over the past few years, but he's gotta wish that these stink-bombs will stop coming eventually. For now, the effluvia continues to encounter the HVAC...

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