Wednesday, July 26, 2006

American Troops Recalled To Baghdad help quell escalating sectarian strife. Damn. We've successfully rolled up much of al-Qaeda in Iraq, but Iranian interference & this sh!t are yet to be overmastered. Look for a resurgence in U.S. casualties. Meanwhile, have a Chesterton quote:

I am told that the Japanese method of wrestling consists not of suddenly pressing, but of suddenly giving way. This is one of my many reasons for disliking the Japanese civilization. To use surrender as a weapon is the very worst spirit of the East. But certainly there is no force so hard to fight as the force which it is easy to conquer; the force that always yields and then returns. [...] Against this there is no weapon at all except a rigid and steely sanity, a resolution not to listen to fads, and not to be infected by diseases.


  1. We've successfully rolled up much of al-Qaeda in Iraq

    What rose tinted world are you living in? Check out the casualty statistics and tell me we've made significant progress.

  2. The increasing civil violence is offsetting the decreasing al-Qaeda attacks. On net, no; it's not progress--but it would be worse if Zarqawi and his laptop were still in the field.


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