Monday, July 17, 2006


Now that it's an establish web resource, I've gotten around to learning of the existence of YouTube. Actually I've known of it for some time, but I've only begun to explore it in depth recently.

For one thing, it's a damn fine jukebox! A lot of early MTV videos are on there, including some favorites that I only ever saw once or twice. For example:

Yes - Leave It
Duran Duran - The Reflex
David Bowie - Blue Jean

And on and on, haven't drawn a blank yet! Further back than that, there are some clips from the 70s, from Don Kirs[c]hner's Rock Concert show. And from European TV, like this scorching rendition of The James Gang's "Walk Away". (Ah, the early Seventies--the golden age of power trios!)

And there's plenty of nature videos, mostly jiggly handcam clips of a spider on the ceiling or something, or copied sections of National Geographic videos. But there are some interesting shots of wild things, too.

It's also a good source for news video. Whenever a news article is hidden behind a subscription wall, it's always worthwhile to check Google Groups, to see if some unscrupulous somebody has copied and pasted it in usenet. Same with subscriber news video, so far as I've seen.

I've no video to upload, but hey! There have to be audiences too, right?

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