Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Vacation From Hell!

Not mine, thankfully. Mine's going swell--I've just popped down to the hotel lobby, playing hooky on the family to bash out some bloggage. I can't resist anymore! But when I arrived a few days ago, another couple was loading up to leave. They were snapping at each other, and things just boiled over. He used some vile language on her as I was getting back in the car to park it, and as I drove out of the turnaround she started flinging luggage out of the back of their SUV across the driveway. I nearly ran over a shoe.

I hate to see ill will between couples, especially in young couples. Okay, so your trip bit this time. You rubbed each other the wrong way. It happens! Can't put every vacation in the plus column. Just be kind to each other--how much does that cost, fa'chrissakes?

Now, as for the couple of college kids who've been spending every morning and every evening sitting in the kids' wading pool sucking face, we have a different issue to discuss...

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