Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lebanon War Bloggage

Although I think what Jim Henley's agitating for has already been tried and found wanting, High Clearing has had some thought-provoking posts up in the past few days.

Michael Totten is the go-to guy for Lebanese bloggage by an American. He's aghast at the hammering the little country is taking. Most of his commenters, including me, aren't.

The band of plucky Lebanese volunteers running Ya Libnan, the voice of the Cedar Revolution, are fuming. It's too much to expect them to applaud Israel's attack on Hezbollah in south Lebanon, and the main transportation hubs further north and east. And, no surprise, they don't.

Me? In college, I ate pizza in Haifa (possibly in the same place that was attacked by a particularly vicious suicide bomb a few years ago) and window-shopped art in Safed. So the news of Iranian-supplied missiles striking those areas makes me considerably less inclined to get all moist and sniffly about the nation of plump bourgeoisie who have turned a blind eye to these wolves in their midst. They'll never be a First World country that way. It's imperative to get them to understand that they won't enjoy peace by making their country a through-route for terrorists, either.

For good measure: On-the-spot reporting from someone in Israel, and an expose of biased reporting on Israel from the BBC, in one convenient post.

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