Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Meanwhile, In Gaza...

NPR is on the take--I mean, case--in the jihad on Israel's southern border. They trot out some UN face card to bolster NPR's battered Israel/Palestinian template. Let's tick off the cliches:

Assertion of endless, causeless "cycle of violence? Check.

Pro forma acknowledgement of Israel's due diligence in avoiding civilian casualties, only to lead into a laundry list of the Pals collateral woes? Check.

Deploring of travel restrictions, lack of work, lack of government services, implying that it's Israel's fault and never mentioning it's because the Palestinians elected a load of Jew-murdering terrorists to be THEIR EFFIN' LEADERS?? *puff, puff, gasp*... Check.

It's like Michael Medved says:

Every Arab child in Lebanon, in Gaza, and in the West Bank could sleep sweet, undisturbed slumber as soon as tomorrow night if the adults once-and-for-all gave up their long-standing project of driving the Jews out of the Middle East.

In a very similar NPR segment I heard on All Things Considered on the way home earlier today, the interviewee was bewailing the lack of international attention to the plight of the Gazans during the Israeli counter-terrorism offensive. I thought to myself, it's because there's only so much hypocrisy the international community can generate at any one time. Their meter's were redlining even before this summer.

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