Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rwanda To Back Off Capital Punishment For Genocide Trials?

Isn't this a poke in the eye!. In order to get the 1994 genocidaires back to put them on trial, Rwanda may have to forswear the death penalty. Some "compassionate" European countries won't extradite the killers, otherwise.

Only the United States has extradited a genocide suspect to Rwanda. Last year, Enos Kagaba was deported from Minnesota after he was judged to have entered the United States illegally.

Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland have been pursuing genocide suspects through their own courts.

Christ! After these garlic gobblers bugged out and left the Tutsis to be slaughtered, how can they have the nerve to act as if their justice systems are superior and more enlightened?

Have a quote:

Sometimes he cries, sometimes he just sighs, but always he looks up into my face in panicked bewilderment and says, "Monsieur Ken, eh la, comment?" I don't know exactly what the eh la means, but it punctuates everything; he says it in exasperation and passionate disbelief, exhaling, a low growl. But I understand "Comment?" How, Mr. Ken? How did you people let it happen?

The UN was here when the massacres started, twenty-five hundred troops. UN Headquarters in New York knew it was being planned, they had files and faxes and informants and they sat in their offices, consulted each other, and ate long lunches.

Most UN forces ran to the airport, they couldn't get out fast enough. This is not a case in which the UN failed to send troops to stop genocide. An armed, predeployed UN force evacuated as soon as it started. All those signatures on the Genocide Convention, dozens of rapturously celebrated human rights treaties, a mountain of documents at UNHQ on the subject of genocide, law professors all over the world making a living talking about this, and we evacuated. Tanks and supply planes and helicopters and soldiers sat useless and stationary for six months in Somalia, two hours away by C-130, and then drunk peasants armed with machetes and lists of names killed 800,000 civilians in Rwanda. And we evacuated. Eh la, comment?
-- Kenneth Cain, _Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures: A True Story from Hell on Earth_, 2004

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