Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Waiting For Primaries Results...

The radio talk shows are flogging Joseph Lieberman's anticipated loss in the Connecticut senatorial primary as proof positive that the loony left will have taken over the Democrat mainstream. Some say that it's a catastrophe for the moonbat left to get another toehold in the national leadership. Others say that it's a good thing (for the right), that it'll give the Dems a more readily demonizable face. Or the whole uproar may be a case of projection, and nothing will change except that a blue state becomes a little bluer.

(I checked out some of CNN's county-by-county election maps from last time. I noticed that some blue states such as Massachusetts were blue only because the urban areas were able to outvote the rest of those small states.)

If Lieberman loses, his loss may be offset by a Cynthia McKinny loss. The Cutest Little Jihadist In Congress has been an embarrassment for everyone in her district who is not dependent on government charity for a livelihood. She was voted out once, and may be again, this time. Punching a Capitol Hill cop and playing the race card to brazen her way out of it was too much for the police unions here, who gave their support to her opponent, Hank Johnson.

Back to waiting...

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