Thursday, September 07, 2006

Civilization's Enemies Are Progressives' Mascots

First, the Yale Taliban, and now this: Ayatollah Khatami speaking at Harvard, on the eve of the five year anniversary of 9/11. What, they couldn't get Mumia to speak on National Law Enforcement Day or something?

Don't let the rhetorical octopus ink about "dialogue" fool you: this is nothing but a piece of "├ępater les bourgeoisie" on the part of the higher learning set. For people for whom ideas are just ideas, to be exhaled around with no acknowledgement of them once they come to fruition, having their tuition-paying charges receive a finger-wagging from a leader of the foremost terrorist state in the world is just "challenging their assumptions". You'd think The Jihad would have challenged the professors own "assumptions" by now. But no...

Have some quotes:

They who would combat general authority with particular opinion, must first establish themselves a reputation of understanding better than other men.
--John Dryden, "Heroic Poetry and Heroic Licence", 1677

Those who obstinately oppose the most widely-held opinions more often do so because of pride than lack of intelligence. They find the best places in the right set already taken, and they do not want back seats.
--la Rochefoucauld, _Maxims_, 1665

Or, less elegantly:

You want to give in to Al Qaeda? Fine, have the courage of your convictions. Go sign up for a "tour of duty" in Islamabad for two or three years. If you can live under Islamofascist rule yourself, then you have earned the right to urge it on the rest of us.

Until then, have a nice tall glass of shut your irrelevant sissy mouth juice.

I'm tired of the chickendhimmis. If you want to live in dhimmitude, by all means, go ahead. Stop the 'backdoor draft" on me into dhimmitude as well.

And, it bears repeating:
Civilization's Enemies Are Progressives' Mascots
I might open me a Cafepress store with that, come to think of it.

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