Friday, September 15, 2006

The Non-Aligned Movement Summit In Cuba

What a joke. Cuba, a "non-aligned" nation? The term itself is an anachronism, of course, since the end of the Cold War. But even back then, Cuba was as firm a part of the Communist Bloc as the individual Soviet republics were. No one was in Khrushchev's and then Brezhnev's pocket deeper than Castro was. Yet, shrewdly, Castro managed to get himself into the forefront of it, early on.

NBC News was all a-smirk over the opening session of this summit the other night. The on-the-spot infobabe called the attendence roll George Bush's nightmare--as if the evil deeds of Robert Mugabe and Kim Jong-il and Fidel Castro would only ever offend a Jeebus-bothering lout like our President.

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