Friday, September 15, 2006

NPR Saves Nation From All-Out Religious Civil War

Imagine the rivers of blood that would be gushing over our land, if not for National Public Radio doing sympathetic profiles of American Muslims every time we turn around. Just this morning on All Things Considered we were taken along on a radio safari to suburban Chicago, to meet some actual live Muslim women--before it's too late!!!! But this is journalism, not National Geographic. So, we are treated to interview questions such as, "How many headscarves do you have?"

At least they were embarrassed into lifting the ban on Islamic terrorism researcher Steven Emerson a few years back. He's the one who wandered into a Yemeni grocery in New York--the same New York in whick NPR finds Muslims wailing as if they are victims of an American Yezhovshchina--and discovered terrorist training videos for sale. But it obviously satisfies some emotional need in NPR's editors, to view themselves as preservers of human rights in America, against all those close-minded, bigoted flyover people.

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