Saturday, September 09, 2006

I Feel Fine - The Beatles - Ed Sullivan '65

Random Rock Bloggage:

Do you know what your earliest music memory is? This is mine. I clearly remember being a little tyke, plugging in the 12" black and white GE television, with a green bakelite casing, on a wire cart, and seeing The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. It may have been this very song; it was surely one from the same show, shot from the same angle.

Technically, I'm a baby boomer, although I was too young to have anything to do with The Sixties. But, I wore a leather peace pendant in elementary school, had quite a hair mountain in junior high. I like to think that this is the seed that started all of that.

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  1. I don't remember my first music experience, but I DO remember my first "punk rock" music experience (which essentially changed my taste in music for years to come).

    I was like 10 or something, in the back of a car, riding along...I know my brother was there, because he's the one who introduced me to punk stuff.

    Anyway, so he puts in this tape (that a friend made for him), and a band called Pennywise starts shredding through the little car amps.

    Botta boom, botta bing:

    I soaked it up, man. Got totally involved with that scene, started skateboarding, and whatever else.

    It was the best time of my life, and even now, I still love finding good punk rock bands.

    That was a big kick of my younger years. Worth it, no doubt - every second was sweet.


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