Thursday, September 07, 2006

Foxes Guarding Henhouses In War On Terror

At Right Wing Nut House, here's a breakdown of the bad juju going down in Pakistan. I understand that Musharraf is almost as much of a fugitive in his own country as the jihadists he's allegedly been trying to help us catch. i also understand that we've asked a lot of him, at his great personal risk, over these past five years. But this is, as advertised, a military catastrophe. If Pakistan cedes authority over Waziristan, maybe we can regard it as a separate rogue state, and treat it accordingly. Oops, no we can't, it seems. A whole lot of hurt is going to spill into Afghanistan in the meantime, I'm afraid.

Meanwhile, Donald Sensing is gaping with astonishment and disgust at the United Nations. The job of stopping Syria from re-arming Hezbollah will fall to...Syria.

Is it any wonder that practically no Israeli of any political stripe has the slightest trust in Kofi Annan? By assigning Syria the responsibility to enforce the arms embargo against Hezbollah, Annan has truly put a ravenous fox in charge of guarding the henhouse. Where did Annan think Hezbollah’s weapons were coming from?

A more craven, unsavory character to head the UN can hardly be imagined. He has done more to destroy the UN’s credibility (when it’s had precious little to spare) than anyone else in the whole, wide world.

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