Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Castro on the Mend, says NPR

All Things Considered today reported that El Jefe is not quite the goner that he seemed late last year. They were gracious enough not to sigh in relief. They did natter on about what a shame the continued U.S. embargo is, how little hope there is of the United States "softening" its position towards one of the only two remaining stalinist dictatorships in the world. And why should we "soften" our position? Why instead shouldn't the communists "soften" their own tyranny against their own people?

Because no matter how many people he drives away, imprisons, or murders, Castro is still a symbol of the Sixties Left's vanished youth. And what spoiled, self-absorbed First World radicals will ever think ill, entirely ill, of the days of their own youth?

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