Saturday, April 28, 2007

Overreacting to tragedy

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What is the secret to being a liberal hysteric? No secret: just treat adults like children, and treat children like adults. Require adults to ask the government "mother may I" for every least little thing, from hair-braiding to leaf burning to motorcycle helmets to whether or not you want an explosively-inflating airbag in your passenger seat, thus denying your own children the pleasure you had as a child of "riding shotgun". And call the police, file suit, and start expulsion proceedings if a kindergartner hugs a classmate, or if a first-grader draws a picture of a relative in the service, or if a third-grader points a chicken finger and says "bang".

The chain of events that led to the psychopathic Seung-hui Cho murdering nearly three dozen students at Virginia Tech couldn't fail but prompt wise, level-headed school administrators to take a good hard look at possible danger signs in their schools. Unfortunately, it also prompted liberal hysterics to do things like this to students like Allen Lee. His future has been materially harmed. He'll probably be the cause and object of anti-Asian bigotry, which we had so far managed to avoid much of this past couple of weeks.

So, what did this 4.2 grade average senior and United States Marine Corps recruit do? Apparently, just what his teacher told him to do: use his imagination:

The teacher told students: "'Be creative; there will be no judgment and no censorship,"' [attorney] Thomas Loizzo said. "There was never any warning from the teacher that if she determined the paper to be offensive, she would then pass it along to the authorities."

I remember a little bit of how I was, back when I used to have an imagination. My teachers were quite indulgent of my spewings. This young man was in that class for several months, presumably, and the teacher had ample time to get to know him. Would it have been unfair, a hardship, or out of the ordinary in some way for her to, like, ask him Sup Wit Dat?

Smoking gun here. Smoking ears here and here and here


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  2. Neato, thanks for swinging by and telling me! Kate's good folks.

  3. And what's the secret of being a conservative polemic? Blame every outrageous action by anyone--the school board in a city that tilts Republican by a 3-2 margin, the county DA (a local Republican leader), or even the Marine Corps itself--on "liberal hysteria."

    Honestly, do you even have a working definition of liberalism beyond "that which I personally despise?"

    I could just as easily blame this one on "conservative law-and-order hysteria"--and I'd at least not have to claim that a Republican DA was suddenly seized with a fit of liberalism.

  4. Well, as for extolling liberalism, whatever happened to your blog, anyway?

  5. It's suffering from a combination of a looming thesis and an eight-month-old daughter.

  6. Ah. BTDT. Remind me to put up a tipjar for the Creeping RealLifeItis Fund.


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