Monday, April 16, 2007

Durham In Wonderland takes a victory lap

Here's an enjoyable profile of Professor KC Johnson, the proprietor of the Durham In Wonderland blog, which has been hosing down the overheated accusations against the Duke lacrosse players this past year. That blog has been a prime example of first-rate citizen journalism, which any of the rest of us would do well to emulate. So I thought, until I got to this bit:

On its best days, the blog attracts about 15,000 visitors, says Prof. Johnson, He did not do all of his legwork from afar, but spent thousands of dollars travelling to North Carolina. He was there last Wednesday to cover the big news, rushed back to Brooklyn to teach on Thursday, then popped up in Raleigh on Friday to cover Mr. Nifong's request for the State Bar to dismiss ethics charges against him.

Which lets me out of that league of bloggers! Apart from one instance, the most legwork I ever do for this blog is to take a notepad to the living room when I'm watching Frontline on PBS. So, congratulations and thanks to Dr. Johnson, for keeping his wits while his colleagues in academia were losing theirs, in this disgraceful case.

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