Thursday, April 19, 2007

Should the Cho Seung hui videos have been aired by NBC?

My initial take: may as well. Everybody is already shocked, grieving, and angry. The criminally impressionable types are probably already impressed. And this would all have leaked out on YouTube and LiveLeak anyway. Might as well get this last bit of awfulness a thorough airing out, and move on.

Trivia: Was Cho "A Boy Named Sue"? Koreans of my acquaintance say that "Seung-hui", as rendered in Hangul, the Korean script, is a girl's name. Wonder if that played any part in his lack of mental stability. I know of a male Korean physician who also has a female given name, and he's nothing but wonderful. So, by itself, surely not. But taken in combination...?


  1. Well, this killer was a copycat, his actions seemed to have been inspired in part by the Columbine massacre. What galls me is this mass murderer appeared to have got what he wanted: lots of media attention due to his horrendous actions. I wish there was a way that the media could hold restrain, but given that they are driven by ratings, it isn't possible for them to sit on this kind of information.

  2. Interesting note about the killer's name in Korean. I forgot to mention this in my previous post. Thanks for the insight of your blog, you bring some perspective that I do not find elsewhere. I wish I could read and comment more often. Keep up the work.


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