Monday, April 09, 2007

Ranger sergeant calls Neal Boortz show

There was a searing phone call to the Neal Boortz show today. An Army Ranger sergeant called up to urge him to pressure Congress to continue the Iraq mission. The sergeant had spent 21 months in Iraq, training Iraqi forces and combatting insurgents & al-Qaeda. The man made an absolutely impassioned appeal for support. "I'm a Ranger! I do not fail!" He spelled out what's going on over there, why we're over there, as simply and powerfully as I've ever heard it. He nearly worked himself into tears, so complete was his dedication to his mission. Boortz, who has little tolerance for run-on callers, let him go on, and barely said a word. I've never heard him defer to a caller like that before.

Boortz doesn't put audio of phone calls on his website, but he does send choice calls out bi-weekly in his email feature, Boortz Blast. He said he'll send that one out, and trust me: It's worth signing up for his newsletter, even temporarily, just to hear this one. I am not affiliated with Boortz, btw--not that it'd ever really matter.

Update: Matter of fact, if you don't want to suscribe to Boortz's newsletter to hear this audio, I'd be glad to forward you my copy. Just email me with an addy, and I'll send it along when I get mine.

Update the 2nd: Here's the audio


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Boortz call with the Army Ranger Sergeant. I signed up for his Boortz Blast and look forward to him hopefully sending out a transcript or link to the audio.

    (Came here from your link at Blackfive)

  2. Thank you for posting this article. I was on my way back from a funeral in Alabama when I heard the advertisement. As if the day had not produced enough tears already, this brought me to tears as if I where still standing at the graveyard earlier that day looking down at the graves of my sister-in-law, grandmother and my soon to be buried aunt. I will do what ever I can and urge that anyone that hears that message do precisely what is asked by that solider. Don't let his and all the other soldiers mission be in vein.
    Thank you for this opportunity. Stephen Charlton


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