Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When Christianists attack

Of course my standards are out of date. That's why they're called standards!
-- Alan Bennett

This was no doubt planned before-hand, but hurrah for these kids anyway. Nice to see an audience with both taste and courage. And here's the artist in question, Mike Daisey, reveling in his martyrdom to free speech. (Also here.)

Because you do know, don't you, that failure to sit through sewage like that is the same as censorship? He's going to have a terrible case of whisker burn, after he peels off the virtual duct tape they virtually plastered over his virtual talent. Click on the links before the Christers have him disappeared!


  1. I've got to say that I don't really get it. I mean, this was supposedly a Christian High School group, but they didn't seem to be protesting anything that was overtly anti-Christian. He was talking about having sex with Paris Hilton, and, while that is probably a sin on a number of levels, I'm sure there are probably a number of more offensive theatre acts out there as far as Christians are concerned.

    If it was just the salty language (which they were supposedly warned of ahead of time), well, I guess I'm going to hell for that sort of thing.

    And while I've never heard of Mike Daisey--and he may be a profanity-spewing waste of time (after all, he's sitting at a table, delivering a monologue, and he refers to himself as an artist--ugh) and I'm not in a position to defend him--pouring water on his original notes was kind of a douchey thing to do. I think doing that subtracted from any of the dignity those kids may have felt they were showing in walking out.

  2. I can see & respect that reasoning. I'm kind of a prudish (though not censorious) type to begin with, so I had to smile at the look on Daisey's face. "My God! They're flouting the conventions of flouting convention!"


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