Thursday, April 05, 2007

In which I exorcise that nagging whisper of cultural relativism in your ear...

If you were Iran, wouldn’t you want the Bomb? Wouldn’t you believe you needed the Bomb for self preservation? If you were Iran, wouldn't you believe that you had as much right as the Western, former colonial powers to have one, and certainly as much right as the Great Satan itself to have one?


If you were Iran, would you believe that it was necessary to impose an Islamic theocracy, fund Hezbollah terrorist kidnappings and attacks, foment civil war in a neighboring nascent democracy, and openly jubilate about the prospect of overthrowing Britain and the U. S., and destroying Israel?

Yes, you would, because you’d be Iran, and not Joe Westerner in a turban.

You're welcome. It is not one world, as Paul Harvey says.

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